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Simply login and draw your football drills and plays in our new online application.
Install to work off-line, no more license keys to enter.
Make sure your computer has the latest Silverlight plug-in from Microsoft

If you're on a Mac, working off-line is restricted and you need to use the Mozilla FireFox browser.


  • Multiple layouts various portions of the field
  • Export diagrams to .png format
  • Choose from multiple print layouts
  • Include diagram descriptions and key points
  • Choose between vertical and horizontal layouts (only for indoor sports)
  • Group diagrams into practice plans
  • Export and email diagrams and plans to fellow coaches
  • Select from multiple International and sport-specific player, movement and action symbols
  • Add custom or pre-set player descriptions and notes
  • Use your player sweater numbers
  • Easily switch colors while drawing
  • Change order of diagrams with the drag of a mouse
  • Choose between free-hand and point-to-point drawing modes
  • Insert entire player line-ups to save time
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